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At Sacred Heart Basilica

Published November 16, 2011

ATLANTA – The remains of retired Archbishop John F. Donoghue Wednesday morning entered the Basilica of Sacred Heart allowing people to come and pray. 

Olga Myers, of All Saints, like some 30 others came early to pay respects and “to say farewell to my dear friend of many years.”  

An honor guard of knights of Columbus and St. Peter Claver in plumed hats and swords stood beside the open wooden casket. Six lit candles are beside the casket. A kneeler for people to pay their respects is at the foot of the casket. 

Archbishop Donoghue died on Friday, Nov. 11. He was 83.  

There will be much more about retired Archbishop John F. Donoghue in the next “Georgia Bulletin.” Please be on the look out for it.

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