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50 Years later, here they are, Earl and Barbara Beck

Published October 10, 2011

50 Years of Marriage Begins with Mutual Dislike by GeorgiaBulletin

Please listen to Barbara Beck tell how her marriage of 50 years to her husband, Earl, began with mutual dislike. It’s a great story.

You can read my article in the Georgia Bulletin about the annual Mass honoring couples in 2011 who celebrate their 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries. The story appears in the Oct. 13 issue.

On a side note, my own parents – who marked in September the 45th anniversary of their wedding – were set up by their parents. My dad’s mother worked at Syracuse University as did my mom. My grandmother suggested my dad take out her co-worker and the rest is history (Although, as my father tells it, at the proposal, my mom tried to talk him out of it. My mom is mum on the subject.)  Anyhoo. I wonder if it was common for parents to play the matchmaker back in the day. How’d your parents meet?


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