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Lent Recipe — Update

Published March 28, 2011

The dish was a hit. Words like “wow” and “yum” were thrown around.

What I liked is the zip in the food from the red pepper. It gave the meal a bit of a zing. I hadn’t been expecting that, even though I made it.

It was a very easy to make and took no time. I am going to be adding this to my cookbook.

The newspaper invited, asked, pleaded with readers to submit Lent recipes to run in the paper. We wanted to find dishes to get out of the It’s-Friday-it-must-be-fish-sticks-for-dinner rut. You readers delivered. We received about a dozen recipes to try.

Yours truly made shrimp with orzo. I had most things – olive oil and spices – in my kitchen. But I faced a bit of choice with buying the shrimp and figuring out where to find orzo.

I’ll update this post after we taste the meal.


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