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So what exactly is "press day"…?

Published June 21, 2010

For several years, whenever I would pick up a newspaper, it never occurred to me the behind-the-scenes work that goes into such a publication. The paper always arrived on my doorstep or in my mailbox fresh and ready to read, looking effortless in its flow and design.

It wasn’t until I started here at The Georgia Bulletin a couple of years ago that I got a taste for what the production process really entails. The detail that goes into the editing, layout and finalization of the paper that is delivered to you every other weekend can be difficult and time consuming.

However, it is a process that is well worth the effort. The hours spent meticulously editing, rearranging or laying out a story at the last minute can be an exciting experience. All of the staff, whether editor, reporter, photographer or design—a team that is usually scattered in their location—come together in a unique way to bring The Georgia Bulletin and news of the archdiocese to you. Now whenever I see a print publication, I find myself noticing little details that I never would have picked up on before my experience with this wonderful paper. I hope now you will take a closer look too!

To be a part of the newspaper which I grew up reading is a special honor. And to experience how it operates behind the scenes has been even more of a treat. In all honesty, I never pictured myself as journalist, though I always loved the written word and my faith. What a blessing to be able to express both with The Georgia Bulletin!

Stephen, Staff Reporter

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