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Spotlight on Averie Bielski

By ALLISON MAWN, Special to the Bulletin | Published March 31, 2022

MARIETTA—Anyone who has attended a Life Teen event at the St. Ann Church in Marietta has likely heard their worship band and been blown away by the talents of Averie Bielski, a senior at Blessed Trinity High School in Roswell.

But you don’t have to be a teenager to hear her music. The rising star has launched a music career that appears to only be going places. Bielski released her first single, a country song titled, “I Do Too” on Sept. 24 of last year and her second single, another country song, “Cry Boy” on Jan. 21. Her third single, “Right Off Track,” was released on March 25.

A guitarist since she was 9, Bielski began to dedicate herself to music after an injury her sophomore year kept her from playing softball. Being in the worship band, which plays during Life Teen’s Life Nights means everything to Bielski and has been a catalyst for her faith.

“I feel like I can use the gift that God gave me to give back and touch others,” she said. “Music is one of the most powerful ways to impact anyone.”

Bielski is a central figure in her Life Teen community. Besides being involved in the worship band, she also is a member of the Life Teen leadership team and a leader at Edge, the parish’s religious education program for middle schoolers.

“Through leading worship on retreats and Life Nights, being a leader in Life Teen and leading Edge small groups, she has shared her God-given gifts,” said St. Ann youth minister Kelly Simpson. “And we are grateful.”

Averie Bielski, a senior at Blessed Trinity High School in Roswell, has used her musical gifts to serve her parish community, St. Ann Church.

Bielski’s favorite memory of being in the St. Ann’s Life Teen worship band came this past summer while playing at Catch the Spirit, a confirmation prep course at the parish. While worshiping during adoration, an unforgettable experience occurred.

“The sunlight hit the window in a way where it just was shining on (the band) and nowhere else in the church during one of our favorite songs,” she said.

Bielski’s songs have hundreds of thousands of listens across several streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. She has also gained a fair amount of notoriety from the app TikTok. As she was writing her first song, “I Do Too,” she posted snippets on the app. The videos garnered several thousand views and immense support, leading Bielski to record the full song.

One key aspect of all of her songs is emotion, both what she puts into it and what it creates in her audience. “Right Off Track” is no different, inspired by feelings of trying to get over someone and work on yourself, only for that person to come back into your life and throw you “right off track.”

“My music always tries to send a positive message and it is music that I would hope parents let their kids listen to. It helps people connect with their emotions and allow themselves to feel,” she said.

This year, Bielski will graduate from high school, and thus from Life Teen. Her family is moving to Nashville, where she plans to continue pursuing her music.

“I definitely want to continue leading worship and find my own church in Nashville,” she said.

Whatever her future holds, St. Ann Church will always be grateful to Bielski for the impact she has had on the parish. Every time a senior leaves, it is bittersweet. But at least Bielski’s community will always have her music to hold on to that connection.