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Photo By Michael Alexander
On Friday, March 13, Dr. Diane Starkovich, superintendent of Catholic schools, announced the closing of Atlanta Archdiocese schools for two weeks, starting Monday, March 16, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In his empty classroom at Blessed Trinity High School, Roswell, science teacher David Burnett prepares for his virtual physics class. Earlier that morning, he conducted a virtual chemistry class.


Archdiocesan schools announce closure

By ANDREW NELSON, Staff Writer | Published March 13, 2020  | En Español

SMYRNA—The Archdiocese of Atlanta’s schools will close for two weeks, starting Monday, March 16.

The closure was announced Friday, March 13, by Superintendent Dr. Diane Starkovich.

She said there were no known exposures to school communities of the COVID-19 virus, but “in the greater interest of public health” the schools will be closed.

During this time frame, all extracurricular activities, sports, practices, school events and field trips are canceled.

Since the closing of Atlanta Archdiocese schools for two weeks became effective, starting Monday, March 16, that also means all athletic activities, including games, practices and workouts were also suspended. A padlock secures the fence going to the stadium, where lacrosse and soccer matches are played and track meets are held at St. Pius X High School, Atlanta. Photo By Michael Alexander

The announcement said schools are scheduled to reopen Monday, March 30 “subject to review due to this rapidly changing situation.”

“Please know that the closing of our schools was not an easy decision,” said Starkovich. “Please stay safe and avoid large public gatherings during the next several weeks.”

The independent Catholic school, Holy Spirit Preparatory School, Atlanta, also announced on social media it was closing.

Nearly 12,000 students are enrolled in 18 archdiocesan and six independent Catholic schools. In addition,  31 parish preschool programs serve more than 2,000 children.

Education will continue during the closure. High school students at archdiocesan schools will begin virtual school days Monday, March 16. Elementary schools will begin home learning plans no later than Wednesday, March 18.