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Soldier says thanks to parish for support

Published August 1, 2013
 Army Lt. Robert Blume and his family recently visited St. Francis of Assisi Church, Cartersville, to thank the parish members for their support for the lieutenant when he was deployed in Afghanistan. He served as a physician’s assistant.
In addition to care packages mailed to Lt. Blume, the St. Francis community provided him with literature to assist him in organizing an RCIA program for deployed military at various forward operating bases. At times, Mass could only be celebrated monthly, so Blume organized Eucharistic Services for Catholics in uniform.
The director of religious education at St. Francis, Amparo Paniagua, provided the RCIA literature that he requested. Girl Scouts provided cookies. Boy Scouts provided popcorn. The Loving Hands knitting ministry provided handcrafted blankets for the troops serving with Blume. Parishioners provided packages at Christmas and Easter, Mardi Gras beads, magazines, and lots of cards and letters.