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Young people offer praise and service at Steubenville Atlanta

Published August 1, 2013
Young people came to the annual Steubenville Atlanta weekend for high-energy praise in worship, which included a service project.
The  Helping Hands meal-packaging event delivers food to Burkina Faso in West Africa in support of Catholic Relief Services’ (CRS) long-term effort to eliminate world hunger.
Teens packaged fortified rice and soy for community homes, orphanages and other CRS social service programs in Burkina Faso that serve children, widows, the elderly, sick people or people with disabilities.
“We are delighted that the youth of Steubenville Atlanta will come together to make this significant contribution to fight the root causes of hunger in Burkina Faso and the immediate need these drought stricken communities have for food today,” said Sara Robinson, Helping Hands program manager for CRS in a statement.
Steubenville Atlanta set a goal to package 100,000 meals. More than 2,500 volunteers, between the ages of 14 and 18, participated in this lively, hands-on educational event. These meals are enough to provide nutritional supplements for 1,200 people for one year.
CRS showed a video along with a speaker to explain how meals impact the participants and the poor overseas. CRS will also provide a new learning tool for mobile phones which youth ministers and teens can use to learn more about hunger, the connection between justice and charity and where they will find activities, prayers, challenges and small group discussion guides to accompany the event.