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Vicar General Emphasizes How Annual Appeal Will Help

By MONSIGNOR LUIS R. ZARAMA, Vicar General | Published October 11, 2007  | En Español

Each year the Archbishop calls upon us to generously participate with our monetary contribution, in our mission to serve the different offices and ministries of the Catholic Center.

Your generosity will contribute to the formation of our seminarians and future priests and also for the care of our retired and/or sick priests. Additionally, it will contribute to keep providing legal, immigration, and counseling services and many others.

The Archbishop calls upon you, hoping for your generosity. Your contribution makes it possible for the sacramental life to be present in our parishes and for children, youth and young adults to receive the formation that will allow them to know, love and live their faith: our faith. It also contributes to the preparation of couples to embrace married life, to be of constant support for those couples living their marriage, and for those with difficulties to give them a helping hand.

Your generous contribution helps the Archbishop keep the loving face of Jesus present in our Archdiocese.