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Remembering a life of service to the Archdiocese of Atlanta

By ARCHBISHOP WILTON D. GREGORY, Commentary | Published October 25, 2018  | En Español

Every good author needs an editor who’s better. When I write, I generally cannot notice my own mistakes or that the words I have written might be misunderstood or are ambiguous. I was so fortunate during these past almost fourteen years to have had Mary Anne Castranio, executive editor of The Georgia Bulletin, to help me in this regard. She was always gentle in her observations and constantly insightful in her recommendations. Pride tells me that I write well—but humility told me that I needed Mary Anne more than I might have imagined. She usually knew what I wanted to say and found ways of helping me say it more successfully.

Mary Anne was a communicator. She loved using her skills and willingly placed them at the service of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. She worked in a profession that has faced increasing challenges as “print” media have been supplanted by social media in almost every venue—yet she always rose to the task. When she began working at The Georgia Bulletin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were still distant thoughts in their designers’ heads. She managed to respond to those challenges while keeping her journalistic skills well honed. She never engaged in “fake news” but always found ways to help the Church provide accurate and timely information to her readers.

She faced many of the same challenges as those who preceded her in positions of journalistic accountability—how to tell the truth in a way that convinces rather than confuses. She always presented the Church’s teachings and principles with integrity and honesty. That type of integrity gained her many fans and widespread respect.

Her colleagues at the Archdiocese will miss her cheerful demeanor and enthusiasm. As we begin to recover from the shock of her sudden death, we need to praise God for the gifts that she brought to the mission of the Church here in North and Central Georgia. She will not be easily replaced. What she brought to the tasks that she undertook was a faith and a gentility that was uniquely hers.

Even as I composed this column, I had to ask myself—to whom shall I send it for editing and review? Life will resume and our work will continue, but there will remain a void that belongs uniquely to Mary Anne Castranio. May she be in God’s very presence as you read these words of gratitude and respect for one who helped not only the Archbishop of Atlanta communicate more effectively, but who kept the readers of The Georgia Bulletin informed and up-to-date. The chancery staff can never begin to miss her as much as her daughter, Amy, and family members do, but we will have a special place in our hearts that she helped create and shape by her wonderful and generous spirit.

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