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Photo By Michael Alexander
For some reason this rose in the garden at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home reminds me of a Cyclops. Look to the left of stem and see if you agree.

***UPDATE: Giving Glory To God Through Gardening

By Michael Alexander, Staff Photographer | Published August 4, 2014

Gloria Nelson, a dedicated gardener who attends St. Peter Chanel Church, and the inspiration for the initial gardening blog post in 2013, has sent me some garden photos once again.

August is already upon us, so I’m calling on all the garden and flower lovers out there to send us some of your garden photos with a brief description of the image, where you photographed it, the name of the flower or vegetable and any other pertinent information you would like to share.

Even if you don’t garden, but you like to take garden photos, feel free to send your images to me at:

I’ll be adding them to the garden photo gallery on The Georgia Bulletin website.  Don’t worry. The photos are only for one’s viewing pleasure. They’re not for purchase.

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