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Some 15 months into his pontificate, Pope Francis has grabbed the world's attention.

Veteran Vatican reporter John Allen explains a "bogus narrative" that sets Pope Francis and Pope emeritus Benedict against one another. The fact is between the popes there is mutual respect and esteem for each other, Allen said.

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UPDATE: How is Pope Francis reforming the Catholic Church?

Published May 13, 2014

UPDATED: New video

Pope Francis is a media superstar. Take a look at these photos?  Since Pope Francis was named leader of the Catholic Church in the spring of 2014, there has been speculation about reforming the church. Some reports on the church have talked about how Pope Francis hasn’t reformed the catechism and doctrine of the church, so can he really be labeled a reformer?

John Allen, an editor with the Boston Globe and a longtime reporter at the Vatican, spoke at a conference in Atlanta where he talked about the “Pope Francis effect.” The story is scheduled to appear in an upcoming issue.

Here’s my lede:

Long time Vatican reporter John Allen on Thursday, April 24, spoke to more than 100 priests in Atlanta attending the National Federation of Priests Council meeting.

Allen said the global fascination with Pope Francis is an opportunity for the church to engage with the world. But he wondered what type of church the world would see?

Would the world see a “debating society” or a “field hospital in which the wounds of a bruised and hurting humanity are cured”?

Allen sat for an interview with me after his talk and shared some of his insights. The video is edited into three parts. This is the first part. And there’s piece on SoundCloud too.

Video 1: How is Pope Francis reforming the church?

Video 2: The “bogus narrative”






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