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Eucharistic Procession

Published June 12, 2012

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about the Archdiocese of Atlanta’s annual Eucharistic Congress is the vibrant faith that is displayed by local Catholics. Represented are various cultures and languages who all come together to recognize their oneness in the faith and the unifying belief of Christ’s true presence in the Eucharist.

While many remember the sights and sounds of the event, one thing that always impresses me is the silence that falls over the usually noisy halls of the Georgia International Convention Center when the Blessed Sacrament makes its rounds to the different tracks. Below is a short video clip of Atlanta Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory processing the Eucharist back into the Adoration Chapel following Saturday morning’s activities.


One response to “Eucharistic Procession”

  1. Elyse O'Kane says:

    It’s powerful, even in a video.