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Out of a Georgia Bulletin Story, An Adoption

Published May 1, 2012

Rewards for working at a newspaper come in various ways.

I wrote last fall about the start of a ministry in the Atlanta Archdiocese called Embrace. It  grew out of the tears and heartache of a couple who struggled with infertility and losing a child still in the womb. Please read the story here.

I crossed paths on Monday, April 30, with Nicole Hartman.  I was leaving work and she walked into the building to organize a workshop for priests to help them better understand the issue and the ministry.

It turns out that from of my story, she and her husband, Peter, were contacted by family member of a young woman looking for a couple to adopt. In December, they were at the hospital as their daughter Olivia Joan was born.

Here’s Nicole in her own words:

  Follow up to an Georgia Bulletin Story by GeorgiaBulletin 

Nicole later phoned me and left a tearful message. She wanted the community to know how the birth mom is an “amazing young woman that made a very beautiful choice for her daughter that was loving, of prayer, and of God.”

Nicole spoke highly of the woman and her decision. She hopes the story may inspire other young women to make a similar choice. An open adoption is  a “very healthy choice and a loving choice,” she said.


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