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His gifts of beauty surround us

Published December 14, 2010

Sometimes in our busy and hurried schedules we fail to stop and take in the beauty of God around us. Recently I was on my way to an assignment when I noticed the December evening sky below.

I’ve never taken a photograph that God didn’t
see first, because it was his creation.

Ordinarily I would have gone about my business, but it was like God was trying to get my attention. ‘Hey Michael, take a look at this!’ It’s the kind of aerial fanfare God often provides, but can go unnoticed. During this season of Advent as we wait for the greatest of all gifts, the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, slow down and take in a full breath of God’s beauty that surrounds us.

Michael Alexander, Staff Photographer

One response to “His gifts of beauty surround us”

  1. Dri says:

    Love the caption, and of course the picture.