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Sent to the principal’s office–UPDATED

Published August 6, 2010


Here are the links to the stories Michael writes about:

Lauren Schell, the new principal at Holy Redeemer School.

Charles Martin, the new principal at St. Joseph School, Athens.

Pamela Moors, the new principal at St. Peter Claver Regional Catholic School.

I had to go to the principal’s office three times this week, but I managed to escape detention and a call to my parents.

Fortunately my visit was one of a different nature. The 24 archdiocesan and independent Catholic schools are gearing up for the 2010-2011 school year and three of the schools (Holy Redeemer, Johns Creek; St. Joseph, Athens; and St. Peter Claver, Decatur) have new principals.

I went out to their respective schools so I could photograph them for The Georgia Bulletin. Andrew Nelson is providing a profile on each of the principals, which will appear in the paper’s August 5 issue, but here’s a little trivia I found out about the newbies.

Holy Redeemer’s Lauren Schell is also the mother of two Catholic high school students. Her son is a senior and her daughter is a junior at Blessed Trinity High School, Roswell. Schell was born and raised in Queens, N.Y., and she’s “an avid New York Mets fan.”

St. Joseph’s Charles Martin stands at six feet, five inches tall. Martin is from the southwestern Ohio city of Middletown. He attended college at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and now he is the principal at a Catholic school in Athens, Ga. God’s sense of humor does not stop there. Martin arrives at St. Joseph School, after teaching the last four years at St. Joseph School in Nashville, Tenn. Martin is a fan of the Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals. He believes the Bengals were starting to turn the corner and he hopes the acquisition of T.O. (wide receiver Terrell Owens) works out and it doesn’t have negative repercussions on the team.

St. Peter Claver’s Pamela Moors is a Mobile, Ala. native and she’s returning to the South after stints in Sacramento, Calif., and the U. S. Virgin Islands. This Los Angeles Lakers fan also likes tennis in addition to basketball. In her spare time Moors like to travel, do word puzzles, and play Scrabble.

At 28-years-of-age Martin distinguishes himself as the youngest principal among all the schools and Moors is the only African-American woman to head up one of our Catholic schools.

It sounds like a law firm, but welcome Martin, Moors and Schell. Here’s hoping you and the other 21 principals, staffs and students have a great school year.

Michael Alexander, Staff Photographer

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