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Photo by Natalia Duron
Father Adam Blatt, pastor of Christ Our King and Savior, at left, joins Peter Faletti’s faith formation class to learn the lyrics to the group's original song, “Hey there, Peter, Be Fearless, Be Bold.” 


Retired archdiocesan planner shares musical talents with parish youth 

By NATALIA DURON, Staff Writer | Published May 15, 2024

GREENSBORO—Peter Faletti, former director of planning and research for the Archdiocese of Atlanta, lives his retirement in Greensboro where he attends Mass, grabs a bite at a lake tavern and plays melodies on the piano.  

Little did he know that he would eventually be teaching music to a faith formation class of youngsters at his parish and recording a song with them.  

Faletti has lived a life with unexpected turns and twists. From former rock band member to consultant to master planner, Faletti decided to focus his retirement years on being active in his church, Christ Our King and Savior.  

Faletti adores playing the piano and started at a young age. He carried that passion into his faith, now playing for Sunday and Saturday Masses. His chords echo and fill the parishioners with energy, and many have complimented his work. 

In May of 2023, Ana Pariselli, director of faith formation at Christ Our King and Savior, was looking for a teacher for a music class in the faith formation program for an upcoming semester. She noticed the enthusiasm Faletti put into his hobby and asked if he wanted to teach students about music theory and history.  

“Ana had asked me if I wanted to be their teacher, and truthfully I was a bit hesitant,” Faletti said. “I have no background in education and have rarely worked with children. But I wanted to experience something new and inspire kids to love music.”  

It was now the summer of 2023, and Faletti needed to plan the execution of the lessons. From the beginning, he knew he wanted to create and record a song with his students. He pondered a theme and realized that the last day of the class fell on May 19, Pentecost Sunday.  

Peter Faletti, pianist, accompanies his faith formation class at Christ Our King and Savior during a rehearsal April 28. The class composed an original hymn with Pentecost as the theme. Photo by Natalia Duron

Knowing this, Faletti planned the course and decided the theme of the song would be Pentecost. On the first day of class, he told his students that they would brainstorm, write, record and sing a class hymn commemorating the church’s mission on earth and that they would perform it at Mass on their last day of class.  

Faletti’s faith formation class includes 22 students in grades third through sixth. The course included nine classes from September of 2023 to May of 2024. He knew teaching them about music, vocal range and songwriting would be a challenge, so he assigned a main topic to each class session.  

During the first session on Sept. 24, Faletti taught his students about the key elements of music by having his students listen to classic hits of the 20th century.  

On Feb. 18, their fourth session, it was time to create the lyrics of the hymn. Faletti asked students to write phrases that resonated with Pentecost Sunday on the classroom whiteboard. Faletti took all their statements and used their words to compose each verse and the refrain.  

Along with the classes that had the students develop their lyrics and theme of the song, some educational topics included exploring the early music of the church, how worshipers use music in Mass today and events that changed music in the church.  

Faletti noticed with each session that his students would become more powerful in their talents, and more excited to perform their song.  

“Seeing the students grow more confident and knowledgeable is what really pushed me to be the best teacher for them,” Faletti said.  

On April 28, Peter and his class gathered after 10a.m. Mass to rehearse their song one last time before the May 19 performance. Father Adam Blatt, pastor, sat in the pews to listen to the beautiful voices of the faith formation class.  

“You guys sound wonderful,” Father Blatt told the students. “You’re going to absolutely amaze our crowd.”  

One youngster asked if he could be heard over the piano and called out, “Am I loud? I want my family to hear!” 

Faletti has submitted the finalized song version to the Library of Congress and is awaiting approval for it to be copyrighted. 

“I’ve learned way more than the children,” Faletti said. “Getting to know them and see them expand their knowledge was the fondest experience.”  

His working title for the hymn is “Hey there, Peter, Be Fearless, Be Bold.” 

The faith formation class will perform the hymn at Christ Our King and Savior Church, 6341 Lake Oconee Parkway, in Greensboro on May 19 before the 10 a.m. Mass. All are welcome to hear them sing.  

Accompanying the youngsters on the piano will be Faletti, who says the students have made his retirement even more enjoyable.