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Archbishop Hartmayer asks for prayers for President Carter

By GEORGIA BULLETIN STAFF | Published February 19, 2023  | En Español

ATLANTA–On Sunday, Feb. 19, Archbishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv., asked that all join him in prayer for President Jimmy Carter as he nears the end of his life, and for his family.

Archbishop Hartmayer preached for President and Mrs. Carter in 2019 in Plains.

“I had the honor of preaching to President and Mrs. Carter in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, in 2019,” he said. “I wish them peace and comfort at this time.”

A prayer for you, Mr. President:

Lord God, You hear the prayers of your people and answer us with love.

As Americans and Georgians, and people of all faiths, hear our prayers for our brother, Jimmy Carter, who dutifully served our state and nation as governor and president, and whose life and works have given a faithful testimony to your Word before the whole world.

As his century of witness to you nears its end, may President Carter know the grace for which he has most longed–to see your face.

May Mrs. Carter and his loved ones know your peace and strength, which the praise of this world cannot give, and as believers and citizens, may all of us be strengthened anew to commit ourselves to the values of integrity and service to God, neighbor and country to which our brother ever devoted himself without counting the cost.

We ask this in your Holy Name, the only hope of our salvation. Amen.

–The Most Rev. Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv, Archbishop of Atlanta