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Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory’s statement on the ending of the DACA program

Published September 5, 2017  | En Español

Sept. 5, 2017

Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory
Photo By Michael Alexander

“It is profoundly regrettable that the Administration has decided to prolong an uncertain future for nearly one million young people who have come to the United States of America as children from many different nations, and who have fully and freely cooperated with the federal government’s requirements to be registered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Executive Order. In choosing to rescind DACA, the President has chosen to ignore the opinions of a large majority of Americans who support its continuation. Our Dreamers are blessings for our country in pursuing their educations, serving in our military, boosting our economy and making important contributions to this nation through the work they do, the volunteer service they pursue, and the perspectives and ideas they offer. Simple justice should compel our nation to honor these contributions by providing legal protection until a permanent resolution can be attained.

“I recognize that DACA is not and was never intended to be a permanent solution to help these young people. Yet, until Congress enacts just and compassionate immigration reform, however long that may take, these young people should not be subject to deportation and their families should not be torn apart. I pray that our elected officials will set aside their acrimonious partisan differences and find a way to address the challenges of a comprehensive immigration solution that will preserve our cherished heritage of being a generous, compassionate and welcoming nation.

“To DACA youth and your families, I understand the fear and anxiety you face, and I value your God-given gifts and your commitment to your families more than you know. Be assured that the Catholic Church in Georgia will continue to care for you with generosity and compassion through our parishes, Catholic Charities and other agencies.”

Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory, Archdiocese of Atlanta