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Second group graduates with pastoral theology certificates in Spanish

Published March 9, 2017

ATLANTA—Sixty-three students, including some from the Diocese of Savannah, celebrated the completion of their coursework in pastoral theology with Mass with Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory, which took place at Holy Spirit Church, Atlanta, on Jan. 14.

The students who completed the course wore special yellow sashes during the Mass.

Students completed a three-year formation program in Spanish through the University of Dallas to earn a pastoral theology certificate. It is the second class of students to complete this work.

The Spanish-speaking church leaders are sent to evangelize believers and fortify Hispanic ministries across the archdiocese. The students come from 25 parishes from the area.

The online program aims to form leaders and strengthen the Spanish catechetical foundation in the church of the archdiocese where nearly half the Catholic population is Hispanic. The program’s courses range from Scripture, church fathers and church history to youth and young adult ministry, liturgy and sacraments, and prayer and spirituality.