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Since January 1985, members of the Church of St. Ann in Marietta have gathered to study Scripture. They celebrated the milestone with Mass and cake. The program has grown from meeting in someone’s home to gathering in small groups at the parish using the Little Rock Scripture Study.

Bible group marks 30 years of study together

Published February 19, 2015

MARIETTA—Since January 1985, members of the Church of St. Ann in Marietta have gathered to study Scripture.

The group marked the 30th anniversary with Mass on Jan. 8. And as they have done faithfully over the years, the group discussed an upcoming Scripture reading.

Originally, a small group of parishioners met in the home of Marianne Hackbarth. Now, some 85 participants are involved, meeting weekly on the church campus to examine and discuss God’s word.

“The work of the Holy Spirit over the years has inspired spiritual growth in many members, calling them to acknowledge and use God-given talents for the good of the group and their community; we have seen many miracles in answer to the intercessory prayers of the group,” said Hackbarth.

The study group uses Little Rock Scripture Study materials. Produced in the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas, LRSS is described as “a parish-based program that leads participants to a greater understanding of the Bible, an awareness of God’s living presence in Sacred Scripture, and an appreciation of how the Bible can be applied to daily life.”

The life experiences and perspectives shared by each member makes it unique. Study group members have become active in the many St. Ann’s ministries and have started ministries when they see a need in the church and community.

For more information on Little Rock Scripture Study at St. Ann’s, contact the parish adult faith formation office at