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‘The girls’ of Sacred Heart High make memories

Published September 18, 2014

ATLANTA—Sacred Heart High School, an all girls’ school, was located in downtown Atlanta across the campus from the old Marist School near Sacred Heart Basilica. The class of 1958 was the last to graduate as St. Pius X opened that fall.

Classmates held the traditional reunions marking 10 years and 20 years since they left high school. But at the 40th, they decided to get together every year. One of the class members has welcomed “the girls” to her home on Lake Sinclair for a long weekend every year since 1999.

The group of 10 to 15 comes together from as far away as North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Florida. One comes from Canada.

The group has a unique friendship, supporting and encouraging one another over the years, while raising families and pursuing careers. There have been illnesses, deaths of parents and children, deaths of spouses, and divorces. This class of 38 has lost eight members.

The women who attended the 2014 reunion are: Judy Kentey Martin, of Marietta; Elizabeth King Thurbee, of Charlotte, N.C.; Susan Holey Psalmonds, of Newnan; Pat Bragg Jackson, of Huntsville, Ala.; Nancy Daprano Murrison, of Sparta; Mary Smith Smith, of Covington; Marie Owen Mercer, of Conyers; Ellen McMahon Gammal, of London, Ontario, Canada; Virginia Horton Wiggins, of Columbia, S.C.; Sarah Lou Ehle Harpring, of Decatur; and Gloria Graham Daly, of Stone Mountain.

One thing is for sure—they plan to get together at the lake again next year.