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Transfiguration parish celebrates 36th anniversary with dance

Published November 8, 2013

MARIETTA—The annual Blue and Silver Ball was the setting for the celebration of Transfiguration Church’s 36th anniversary. Held Sept. 28, the festivities began with Mass at 5 p.m., followed by the dance and awards celebration and attended by over 250 guests.

The hall glowed in candlelight with touches of blue hydrangeas and silver accents with decorations provided by the parish social committee. The men’s club provided the meal, and the Radio Kings the music.

Msgr. Pat Bishop, Transfiguration’s longtime pastor, presented the parish awards, presented each year at the Blue and Silver Ball, and a champagne toast followed, along with the anniversary cake made by Nancy Drummond.

The Hispanic Advisory Council recognized Ysabel and Juan Diaz “who in quiet humility and with Christ-like presence have blessed the hungry, the needy and the disadvantaged in our community.”

The Marilyn MacInnis Award recognizes the group or ministry that has exceptionally promoted the spirit and goals of this parish. This year the award went to the newly formed Mustard Seed Ministry “for recognizing and responding to the needs of young families to support one another.”

The Pastor’s Award is presented to those who have made incredible contributions to the parish community. This year the award went to the Awakening Committee “in appreciation for the hard work and creativity that led to this parish’s most successful spiritual awakening ever.”

The Christian Living Award is presented to those who have become an example of Christ’s selfless gift of love to all people. Two awards were given this year. Jody Duffy received the award “for her witness to the sacredness of human life and for her active involvement in the ministries of this parish.” Dorothy Wesselmann received the award “for the kind and gentle spirit that smiles in adversity and celebrates other people’s joys.”

The highest award presented is the Lumen Gentium (Light to the People) award. It is presented to those who take the spirit of Christ’s love from Transfiguration out into the world the parish community serves. Dr. Jay Brunette received this award “for taking the spirit and love of our parish beyond our national boundaries to a little town in the Philippines and to children who had no hope and now can touch success.”

Transfiguration Church is located at 1815 Blackwell Road, Marietta.  For more information visit the website at