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Photo By Michael Alexander
Toni Trevisan is a French and English teacher at Holy Redeemer School, Johns Creek. Trevisan is one of the school's founding faculty members. She teaches French to grades four through eight and English to grades three through six.

Johns Creek

‘Original’ Holy Redeemer Teacher Adds International Slant

By ANDREW NELSON, Staff Writer | Published February 16, 2012

Toni Trevisan believes a good student needs to do more than just get good grades.

As a moderator of the school’s National Junior Honor Society, she encourages students to help senior citizens, feed the hungry, tutor younger students.

Trevisan is one of the remaining original teachers of the Holy Redeemer School. For her involvement inside the classroom and outside, she was recognized by her peers to be honored at the annual Education Banquet.

“Toni is a model Catholic school teacher and she believes that teaching in a Catholic school is an honor and a privilege,” said her fellow faculty members in nominating her.

The daughter of immigrants from war-torn Italy, her father worked in construction in her native Canada and her mom raised the family. “Their dream was for their kids to go to school. They didn’t go beyond third grade,” she said.

As a youngster, she dreamed of playing the flute in an orchestra or perhaps being a linguist with an international organization. In her own way, she’s found a way to do both. In education, she passes on her love of languages and she still plays the flute in the church choir.

She grew up in the English-speaking province of Ontario, speaking at home in Italian.  She learned French in school. “French became a language that I love,” said Trevisan, 52.

When the family lived in Connecticut during her husband’s work assignment, she earned a master’s degree in education from Fairfield University, a Catholic college.

She moved to Atlanta in 1996 with another job transfer. She and her husband, Stan, attend St. Brigid Church, Johns Creek. They have two college-age children and their youngest attends Marist School.

“It was the school of choice for my children. They moved on, and I am still here,” she said. There are about 18 staff members who were at the school from the day it opened its doors to the community.

Some 120 students each semester learn French language and culture from Trevisan. The language is spoken in 50 nations around the world, and the French culture has contributed to the world’s literature and theater, she said.

“It’s a wonderful world language. I always say knowing French will enrich your English.”

In addition to French, Trevisan has built the school’s International Week when students and parents share their native traditions with the school community.

She started the National Junior Honor Society Program. The program promotes academics, service, character and citizenship.

Lauren Schell, school principal and also one of the founding faculty members, said Trevisan pushes the youngsters to be of service to the wider community with the organization.

“She’s brought our Catholic faith to that. She’s very service oriented with it,” Schell said. “She’s very dedicated. She challenges them and brings out the best in them.”

For Trevisan, Catholic schools allow her to pursue her teaching and share her faith. “Everything you hear about Catholic schools is true. There’s a strong foundation of faith and values.”