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Father Matthew Linn To Lead Healing Retreat

Published December 14, 2006

Father Matthew Linn, a Jesuit priest specializing in the ministry of healing, will lead a healing retreat at St. Pius X Church on Friday, Jan. 5, and Saturday, Jan. 6, 2007.

The retreat’s themes are “Healing Life’s Transitions” for the Friday session and “Don’t Forgive Too Soon” for the Saturday session. The themes are based on two of Father Linn’s books.

He has been coming to St. Pius X in January since 2002, leading healing retreats. A priest for over 30 years, he has worked individually and as a team in healing ministry with his brother and sister-in-law, Dennis and Sheila Linn. Fluent in Spanish, he has led numerous retreats on healing in 50 countries.

He and his brother have written 18 books, translated into 20 languages. They include “Healing of Memories,” “The Eight Stages of Life,” “Simple Ways to Pray for Healing” and “Healing the Purpose of Your Life.”

Mary-Mead Mead, the convener of the Order of St. Luke healing ministry at St. Pius X Church, along with the pastor, Father John Kieran, are instrumental in inviting Father Linn each year.

“Father Linn’s retreat is always life changing and definitely a learning experience,” Mead said.

Father Kieran said, “Father Matthew Linn’s retreat is very therapeutic.”

Pre-registration is requested for the retreat. Lunch will be provided on Saturday. To attend the retreat contact Mary-Mead Mead at (770) 922-6362 or or Joe Shea at (770) 483-6541 or

The Order of St. Luke is an international, interdenominational Christian healing ministry, which was started in 1932 by the Episcopalian/Anglican denomination and branched out to other Christian denominations, including the Catholic faith. One of the well-known founders was Agnes Sanford. The Order of St. Luke was “founded for the purpose of promoting the practice of healing as taught and demonstrated by Our Lord Jesus Christ.” Membership is open to everyone who wants to learn “about the healing ministry and who believes that it is just as vital in the church today as it was in Jesus’ time.” For further information about the Order of St. Luke, visit