Georgia Bulletin

The Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Easter Collection To Benefit Seminarians

Published April 6, 2006

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Each of us looks to the Church for so many things: access to the sacraments, comfort and assistance in times of need, direction on knowing God’s will for our lives, a source of guidance in living our lives with dignity and integrity and meaning, a vehicle for sustaining and strengthening our faith and hope in a world which so often tries to deprive us of both.

I see so much spiritual hunger in the people of God, such a desire to know God and to draw closer to Him. The Church is always there for us, in times of need and times of plenty, in times of sorrow and times of joy, in times when our minds are clouded by darkness and in times when we feel the grace of great light.

Priests are so very important to the life of the Church: as ministers of the Sacraments, as proclaimers of the Word, as spiritual counselors in our quest for a fuller life.

The Archdiocese of Atlanta is growing dramatically, and we are continually in need of priests to minister to our growing flock. Today we are most fortunate to have 54 men now preparing for future priestly ministry in North Georgia. We look with hope to the future that even more men will be open to the call to the priestly vocation.

On Easter Sunday, our churches will take up a second collection on behalf of the education and spiritual formation of seminarians in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. I prayerfully ask you to be generous in your response to this very special appeal.

We are blessed that 54 men have responded to the call of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Help us to provide for the future needs of the Church by preparing these men for a priestly life of service to you and to your family, to your church, your community and your Archdiocese. Please help our Archdiocesan seminarians with both your generous financial support and your prayers.

Trusting in your generous spirits, I remain

Sincerely yours in Christ,

†Wilton D. Gregory

Archbishop of Atlanta