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Woman’s Right To Know Bill Becomes Law In Georgia

Published June 2, 2005

Georgia became the 27th state to pass the Woman’s Right to Know Act as Gov. Sonny Perdue signed the bill into law May 10 in a ceremony at the State Capitol.

The bill (HB 197) passed the General Assembly with strong bi-partisan support in March. Rep. Sue Burmeister sponsored the bill in the House along with Rep. James Mills. Sen. Renee Unterman led the passage of the bill in the Senate with the support of Sen. Ralph Hudgens.

The pro-woman law protects a woman in an unintended pregnancy by providing her with resources and a 24-hour “reflection period” before an abortion. During her reflection period, she is given an opportunity to receive information in a booklet or on the state Web site about the development of the unborn child as well as information on agencies that offer alternatives to abortion, such as adoption services, maternity care and medial assistance that may be available. The law also specifies the obligations of the child’s father to provide support.

Caryl Swift, president of Georgia Right to Life, pointed to some of the law’s key benefits for women.

“The Woman’s Right to Know law gives a woman the right information to make an informed choice for her life and the life of her unborn baby,” she said. “Except for abortion, informed consent requirements are common and non-controversial. Now the women of Georgia will receive accurate information and be fully informed about the resources available to them in their time of need.”

Millions of women who have had abortions have testified throughout the country about the misleading information on which they based their decisions.

“Georgia Right to Life thanks Governor Perdue and the courageous legislators of Georgia who debated this bill as they considered the rights of women versus the rights of the abortion industry,” Swift said. “The Woman’s Right to Know Act respects women by empowering them with the facts.”