Georgia Bulletin

The Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Archbishop Sees Suspect’s Surrender As Graced Event

By MOST REVEREND WILTON D. GREGORY, Archbishop of Atlanta | Published March 17, 2005

“Violence was an unwelcome visitor in our community last weekend. But then God’s grace also made a kind visit to us as well. What a courageous young woman Ashley Smith was. She had the presence of mind and heart to help bring an awful moment to a quiet conclusion. At the very hour that Brian Nichols was surrendering to the authorities, several hundred of us were at Mass at our Cathedral where we prayed for all those who had been killed, wounded, or terrorized. Our prayers were answered during that Mass. May our community heal from this horror, and may all those who worked for our safety and comfort be rewarded for their bravery and dedication.”