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Your Generation Will Make A Difference

By COLLEEN CURRAN, GB Youth Board | Published February 19, 2004

A heartbeat sounds for about 30 seconds, and then, without notice, the heartbeat stops. Suddenly hundreds of people silently march down the street, beginning their unspoken protest against abortion, which has claimed well over 43 million innocent lives since its legalization in 1973.

January 22, 2004 marked the thirty-first anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the court case in which the Supreme Court legalized abortion. On this day, many people came together to pray for the innocent blood that has been shed, and Georgia Right To Life hosted the Annual March for Life. Among the many pro-life groups in the march was Blessed Trinity High School’s Goretti’s Forum, named after St. Maria Goretti, the patron saint of youth and purity. What could inspire 13 high school students to protest against this injustice to the unborn? Simply stated, a belief that God creates all life, thus making it holy.

Thirty-one years to the day, abortion still threatens the unborn of our society. However, Austin Carter, Olivia Cuviello, Marjie Foley, Liz Giorgianni, Micha Kirchman, Alex Leef, Devon McKniff, Heather Morris, Laura Neuman, Cassie Prochaska, Marilyn Rodriguez, Meg Schroeder, and Catherine Williams all found it necessary to represent Blessed Trinity at the March for Life.

“I was proud for them to be willing to take a stand. It was wonderful to see how they were moved,” said Karen Hurley, the faculty sponsor of Goretti’s Forum, regarding her overall impression of her group of teenagers.

“I was incredibly touched … I was dabbing tears from my eyes,” said Meg Schroeder, a Blessed Trinity freshman. “There was a lot of support and commitment from Christians all over Atlanta,” added Cassie Prochaksa. “Everyone knew that our cause was very important. I think next year I would like to bring more of my friends because I feel this cause is worth more people knowing about and helping out.”

Are pro-life supporters really getting their point across? Isn’t abortion still a part of American society? Unfortunately, yes. But partial-birth abortion has been banned as cruel and inhumane. Through prayers, walks, rallies and lock-ins, the pro-life people of America are not letting abortion continue without a fight. The fight, the struggle for the lives of millions of children is being fought right now, this very day, and needs everyone’s involvement. Prochaksa summed it up. “I felt that I was helping future generations by being an example to younger boys and girls who will one day march beside me for the same cause.”

Abortion is a serious topic, even among high school teenagers. Yes, it is sad to hear of 15-year-olds getting abortions; however, think of the life that could have been spared if someone had intervened. So how can teens help to stop this? Educating yourself and your peers is one of the only ways to stop abortion. Education and prayer are vital keys in the effort to rid American society of this evil. For example, most people don’t realize that women can and do die from abortion. Some abortions result in tubal pathology, which can lead to ectopic pregnancies and breast cancer years later.

“I believe that it’s your generation … who will make a difference,” said Hurley.

“I think that the best thing to do is pray. We can hold rallies to get the thought of abolishing such a horrible practice into people’s minds, but if we don’t pray for a change in these people’s hearts, then we will not get anywhere,” Schroeder said.

So if you missed your chance to participate this year, keep it in mind for next year. Plan to join classmates and plan to help those who are the most vulnerable: the unborn. What can you do until then? Join a pro-life group, promote awareness in your neighborhood, talk to friends. Just go out there, and let others know that you are a Christian by your actions.

If you or someone you know might be considering getting an abortion, please talk to someone you know and trust for help and guidance. There are more options than abortion. Choose life.

Colleen Curran is a freshman at Blessed Trinity High School, Roswell, and a parishioner at St. Brigid Church, Alpharetta.