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‘Back To Basics’ Class Offered Jan. 18 At St. Catherine Of Siena

Published January 15, 2004

St. Catherine of Siena Church, located at 1618 Ben King Road, will once again hold its “Back to the Basics” class on Sunday, Jan. 18, from 10:15 to

11:30 a.m. in Herbert Hall. This month’s topic will be “The Gospel of Life.”

All are welcome to attend this hour of reviewing the Catholic faith and discussing answers to questions such as:  What exactly does the church mean by the “seamless garment of life?” Is capital punishment immoral? If scientific research helps people live longer and healthier lives, doesn’t that make it morally the right thing to do? Does society have the right to determine “quality” of life?

The class will be led by Gary Shirley, a dynamic presenter and RCIA instructor. Please bring a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to the class. Copies will also be available for use. Complimentary refreshments and child care are available. Call (770) 428-7139 for directions or information.