Georgia Bulletin

The Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Dreams Of A New America

By MSGR. HUGH MARREN, Special To The Bulletin | Published October 23, 2008

Over the last several months Americans have heard the growing rhetoric for change. Up and down, over and across the country, the politicians and their pundits promise us the change and reform we need. Of course, there is nothing new about the idea or notion of change. It has been around for a long time, phrased differently, yes, but the reality being the same. It could easily be argued that one of the greatest calls for change in America came 45 years ago when Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., in front of the Lincoln Memorial, gave what we know today as his “Dream Speech.” Yes, he didn’t call it change or reform, he simply said, “I have a dream that …”

In that speech, he called on America to change to live out the value of its creed. And so we listen to our politicians today; they tell us that they have a plan, a dream to change America, to restore a new hope for a better future, for a better health care system, for better education, for more and better jobs, for better wages, for a better economy, for a better future for our children, for an America as a country where you can make it if you try.

These are beautiful and noble dreams. However, we must all realize that as noble and desirable as they are, they are nonetheless secondary and really of no significance until America is prepared to guarantee the very first dream, namely the dream to be born. Yes, to enjoy all those dreams and changes that our politicians are speaking of, our dream and right to be born must first be guaranteed. We must recognize that unless we guarantee the right to be born, then we deny all other choices and opportunities; we deny liberty, equality and freedom. In short, we snuff out all the rights, including the right of America to say that we are a country where you can make it if you try.

My dear Americans, our politicians are right: this is the time for change, for a new hope, a new America, for us to join together and let the world know that America is a country where to be born is a right and not a privilege, that America is the country where you can make it if you try, that your first dream and efforts to be born are guaranteed.

We need to provide body armor for the unborn against the abortionists. We need to give every unborn child the tools to succeed—yes we can, yes we can, yes we can. We must make abortion unacceptable and an abomination to the mind and heart of every decent living American. Yes, we need change, the right kind of change, equality for all, and not just the few, for an America where you can make it if you try.

Msgr. Hugh Marren is the pastor of St. Andrew Church, Roswell.