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Spiritual child of St. Padre Pio visits Peachtree City

By SAMANTHA SMITH, Staff Writer | Published May 2, 2019  | En Español

PEACHTREE CITY — Many gathered at Holy Trinity Church, Peachtree City, the evening of Saturday, April 27, to hear the inspirational story of Adolfo Affatato, 82, a spiritual child of St. Padre Pio of fifteen years.

“As one of the last living spiritual children of Padre Pio, whom I believe was the highest expression and representation of Christ in the world, I hope to inspire my American Catholic friends to live serenely,” said Affatato.

Author of “Padre Pio and I: Memoirs of a Spiritual Son,” Affatato is on his first tour in the United States, inspired by two of his American friends. The event at Holy Trinity was his first and only stop in Atlanta. He will travel to Tampa, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri for the rest of April and in May.

Affatato met St. Padre Pio in 1953 when he was 16 years old. Never seeing or meeting one another and in a large crowd, St. Padre Pio called for the young man by name and said he was waiting for him, Affatato recalled.

“This is the most beautiful memory I have of Padre Pio in the fifteen years I knew him,” he said.

During his presentation, Affatato shared other special moments with St. Padre Pio, including the marriage to his wife, Franca of 52 years, which St. Pio officiated. It was Padre Pio’s last wedding.

Affatato and his wife have two children and now reside in Foggia, Italy. A book signing and meet-and-greet followed the presentation.

Affatato accepts no money for his talks about the saint, believing it would void his testimony. Any book proceeds earned he donates to selected charities in Italy.

Affatato hopes that attendees will open their hearts to God through St. Pio’s ministry. “Through the intercessions of Padre Pio, he would work miracles for them,” he said.