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A young boy considers his vocation

By NICHOLE GOLDEN, Staff Writer | Published June 23, 2017

COLLEGE PARK—John Thomas Johnson, age 7, was already paying a visit to the Office of Vocations exhibit at the Eucharistic Congress.

A student at Queen of Angels School in Roswell, John Thomas was dressed for the part of a priest in a white alb, red and gold chasuble and black biretta. He carried a crucifix and gave blessings to new friends.

“St. Nicholas gave it to me,” he said of his miniature vestments.

During an interview by 98.1 FM, Ablaze Radio’s Vito Gorinas, 7-year-old John Thomas Johnson makes his case for aspiring to become a priest. His mother is the owner of Two Hearts Gifts & Books in Roswell. Photo By Michael Alexander

John Thomas, the son of Charlotte and Thomas Johnson, is quite certain he wants to be a priest.

“Because I love God a lot and I want to be serving him my whole life,” he explained.

He stopped at the archdiocese’s vocations exhibit at the congress Saturday, June 17, to take a photo with Father Michael Silloway.

In addition to Father Silloway, the youngster’s favorite role-model priests are Msgr. Peter Rau, Father Tom Zahuta and Father Augustine Tran. He even has a favorite bishop—Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory.

He had been asking for the vestments for a long time and also has a special prayer every night as an only child. His mom Charlotte said her son prays for a sibling if it’s “God’s holy will.”

John Thomas was interviewed for Ablaze Radio, a local radio station based at St. Monica Church in Duluth, at the congress and took time to pose for pictures with event attendees.

His mother owns Two Hearts Catholic Shoppe, Roswell, and was on hand to help the Dominicans with an exhibit.

John Thomas said he is aware of how much time it takes to prepare for the priesthood and doesn’t seem deterred. He is looking forward to receiving his first holy Communion.