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Together, Hapeville parish pays off long-standing debt

Published June 23, 2016

HAPEVILLE—St. John the Evangelist Church celebrated a recent milestone: “We are debt free!”

The community worked together to erase a long-standing $350,000 debt, reported Phillis Baker, the parish operations manager.

From holding Kermess (Mexican) festivals and harvest dances to sock hops and second collections, parishioners and visitors reduced the debt little by little, she said, adding, “We have received many gifts of encouragement, assistance and support from some places and people who have truly surprised and delighted us. We are so grateful for the many gifts, both large and small, that have helped us to repay our debts.”

With the debt gone, the parish is looking ahead to its next chapter. “We have accomplished this good work with God’s blessing and pray for his continued blessing in our next efforts,” said Baker.