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Pinecrest kindergartner Olivia Fruechtenicht is delighted to have found all of the Resurrection Eggs that spell the word “Easter.”


Pinecrest kindergartners learn about Easter in egg hunt

Published April 14, 2016

CUMMING—The kindergarten classes at Pinecrest Academy learned about Easter and Holy Week. One of the kindergarten teachers’ favorite ways to share the Easter story with their students is through “Resurrection Eggs,” an interactive teaching tool by an organization called Family Life. These out-of-the-ordinary eggs allow Easter to come to life in the little hands that find them. Each of 12 colorful plastic eggs holds a different memory-grabbing symbol designed to help take young children through Jesus’ journey to the cross and into the Easter season. While the children searched for the colorful eggs on the school’s playground on Tuesday of Holy Week, this egg hunt was a little different. They searched for eggs to match each letter in the word “Easter.”