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“Jeopardy!” Clue Crew films at monastery

Published July 23, 2015

CONYERS—“At the Monastery: Understanding the quieter way of life among the Trappists” was the category.

And the Conyers Monastery of the Holy Spirit had a starring role as the game show “Jeopardy!” challenged its contestants with questions about the monastic community.

The broadcast was Monday, July 20, but the behind-the-scenes work took place in April. A small crew from the game show visited the monastery and filmed for about five hours. The monastery’s public relations team at Jackson Spalding Inc. pitched to “Jeopardy!” on behalf of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit while attending an event at the College Football Hall of Fame.

Three of the questions were:

  1. Trappists monks take three of these: for stability to remain with one community; obedience to abbots; and conversion, meaning to change one’s nature. There’s no actual one of “silence.”
  2. Enjoy the silence at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, part of this order founded in 17th century France, and known for keeping quiet.
  3. Stained glass is one product monks make to sustain themselves; the rule of this saint, also the namesake of this recent pope, tells them to live by their own hands.

If you think you know the answers, check the bottom of the column.

Answers to the “Jeopardy!” quiz: What is a vow; what is Trappist; who is Benedict.