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Katie Rose Borrello, Tyler Capozza, Maria Mentesana and Joe Mentesana hold a bake sale to raise money to pay for clean water wells in Ghana, West Africa. Mentesana is a member of St. Brigid Life Teen, in Johns Creek, which recently challenged its members to restrict water usage to four liters for a day.

Johns Creek

4-Liter Challenge makes teens aware of world water needs

Published May 14, 2015

JOHNS CREEK—Members of Life Teen at St. Brigid Church, Johns Creek, took up a challenge to limit their drinking water to realize the value of clean water.

The teens heard a presentation on water conservation. Stephanie Lange spoke to the teens about how one in nine people in the world lacks access to clean water. Catholic World Mission, where Lange works, is building drinking water wells in West Africa.

The group was challenged to do two things: take the 4-Liter Challenge and raise money for the West African well project.

Each student and adult who took part was handed a liter bottle to refill four times. The group was to limit their water intake to four liters during one day.

Maria Mentesana, 17, a junior at St. Pius X High School, was one of scores of teens and adults who opted to carry around all the water she could use over 24 hours.

Mentesana said she learned four large bottles of water isn’t much, especially when that’s the only water to use for washing and drinking. She said her fellow students watched her carrying a large liter water bottle around campus with 4-Liter Challenge written in black marker.

“Luckily I had showered the night before I started, but washing my face got interesting. It was a battle to wash my soapy hands without losing my grip on the water bottle,” she wrote in an email.

The experience opened her eyes to the meaning of clean water, she said. “I am lucky to live in Johns Creek where I am exposed to every resource I could ever need, but don’t deserve.”

Mentesana also hosted a bake sale for the second challenge. Promoting it on social media, she sold cookies, brownies, cakes and cupcakes to neighbors. She raised almost $300 for the Catholic World Mission. About $665 has been raised by the Life Teen members.

“I am humbled by the opportunity to help change the lives of women and children in a country so far away by distance, but so close through the body of Christ,” she wrote.