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Holy Spirit alumnus led protests against ‘Black Mass’ at Harvard

Published May 29, 2014

Todd Jones was one of the Harvard Catholic student leaders who spearheaded opposition to a so-called “Black Mass” on the Cambridge, Mass., campus.

Jones graduated from Atlanta’s Holy Spirit Preparatory School in 2012. “Loved every bit of it,” he said of his high school experience in an email.

Catholics in the Boston Archdiocese rallied in response to the threat of sacrilege by hosting a time of adoration.

The Satanic ritual known as a “Black Mass” was reportedly canceled after condemnation from the public that included the president of Harvard University and Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston.

“I’m convinced that the Eucharistic procession and Holy Hour was the best collective response that we as (the Boston Archdiocese) could have made. I expected only several hundred to attend, but I would estimate that about 1,100 people did, in fact, attend,” Jones said in an email.

The Harvard Catholic community through this event reaffirmed the Eucharist by “reminding ourselves and teaching non-Catholics that the sacrament truly is the source and summit of our human lives,” he wrote.

Jones is the president of the Harvard Catholic student association. He said he was one of many students who spread the word regarding the “Black Mass” and publicized petitions against it, which were set up by his friends. He also served as the spokesperson for Catholic Harvard students to the media and communicated information from the archdiocese and chaplains to the Catholic students.

There were several petitions denouncing the “Black Mass,” with an estimated 22,000 individuals signing petitions about the event, he said.