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Annie Lipscomb, an eighth-grader at Christ the King School, Atlanta, responds to a letter from her parents at a school retreat in September.


Parents’ letters highlight eighth-grade retreat

Published October 24, 2013

A retreat for eighth-grade students at Christ the King School is an opportunity to remember the past, while looking ahead to the future.

The school’s annual retreat gives students time for prayer and reflection, as well as fun with friends.

Teachers and administrators see each year the sweetest moments come as students read letters penned by their parents.  The letters are heartfelt words of encouragement that provide wonderful memories for parents as well as children.

“I am so proud of my daughter and writing a letter to her was such a powerful experience for both her dad and me,” said mother Melanie Lipscomb. “I hope it is something she treasures forever as we will always cherish her letter to us.”