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  • As St. Anthony of Padua Church pastor Father Victor Galier addresses the congregation on the importance of serving, the two 85-year-olds, Robinson and Todd, enthusiastically complete their Time and Talent Ministry Commitment form during Mass, May 19. Photo By Michael Alexander
  • Robinson, left, and Todd both serve as extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist during Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Church, Atlanta. Photo By Michael Alexander
  • Clockwise from bottom right) Martin and Roseline Omosola, Perry Taylor, Louise Robinson,

Dorothy "Dot" Todd prays the rosary after daily Mass. The rosary, a gift from former St. Anthony of Padua pastor Father Timothy Gadziala, was brought back from Lourdes, France. Photo By Michael Alexander


Living one’s faith–The story of Dot and Louise

By Michael Alexander, Staff Photographer (Photos and Text) | Published July 4, 2013

In my travels around the Archdiocese of Atlanta I witness countless people living out their faith. Louise Robinson and Dorothy “Dot” Todd, both 85, have done it consistently for many, many years.

Robinson was married for 61 years to her late spouse, Paul, and Todd was married for 57 years to her deceased husband, Robert. Todd is a lifelong Catholic. Robinson converted to Catholicism in 1961. Robinson, an African-American woman, was raised in the rural section of Georgia’s Walton County. Todd, a Caucasian woman, was raised in the city of Atlanta. They both grew up in an era of Jim Crow laws and segregation, but today they are nearly inseparable–best friends and church companions.

The two longtime friends and parishioners join hands during the praying of the Our Father. Photo By Michael Alexander

Their story is as much about their friendship as it is about the faith they live out before others. They serve as extraordinary ministers of holy Communion, attend adult Bible study, participate in the Marist Laity, clean the church and pray the rosary. In addition to weekend liturgies, Todd drives to weekday Mass, while Robinson watches noon Mass from her home on the EWTN global Catholic network.

They are both quick to compliment one another.

“I’m blessed to have a friend like Louise,” said Todd. “She’s the most humble, sincere, devout friend a person can have.”

Robinson reciprocates, “When my husband was in the military, I traveled around the country for some 20 years meeting lots of friends, but none like Dot.”

This photo essay captures three days out of their active lives – daily Mass, Bible study and Sunday liturgy. Their heartfelt prayer life, tireless service to the church and genuine love for others is an example to all Christians.