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Food, Fun Plentiful At IHM Parish Picnic

By ANDREW NELSON, Staff Writer | Published October 11, 2012

Published: October 11, 2012

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church held its annual picnic on Saturday, Sept. 29, on the field of the parish school.

Organizers said close to 1,000 people came to the event, making it one of the most well-attended picnics in parish history.

Food was plentiful. Volunteers cooked barbecued chicken and pork all day long to prepare for the evening event. Parishioners shared side dishes and desserts.

A dozen volunteers painted faces, a clown blew up balloons and performed tricks, and a group of boys and a group of men each performed Danza de los Viejitos, a traditional Mexican folk dance. Soccer games, sack races, inflatables, balloon races and karaoke kept the picnic-goers and the volunteers busy.