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Kennesaw Parish Supporting Big Screen Project

Published June 7, 2012

Efforts are underway at St. Catherine of Siena Church to bring a full-length motion picture originating from a Catholic parish to the big screen.

The film project—with the working title “Five Blocks Away”—is led by Kevis Antonio, founder of Rising Faith Productions and a parishioner at St. Catherine.

The goal is to be one of the first Christian films aimed to connect with a young adult audience. Father John Matejek, pastor of the church, announced the parish’s support of the project.

“Our vibrant community is always on the lookout for projects that get the entire community excited and involved,” said Father Matejek in a news release. “St. Catherine’s support of this film gives volunteers from the parish the opportunity to experience evangelization to its maximum.”

Supporters believe there’s an opportunity to tap into an interest in Christian films. They see the success of movies such as “Fireproof” and “Courageous” and hope to draw in financial backers and an audience.

The movie depicts a young man, Anthony Seton, who pours his time and energy into making a successful marketing business with his friends, with the goals of making money, partying and living the good life. When his life begins to crumble, he finds that the challenges of new relationships, lies, family problems and more create chaos in his life—and he searches to find out what really matters in life.

“This film addresses things everyone, Catholic or not, faces in life,” said Antonio. “I want people to walk away with a sense of purpose in life and to understand how they can use and offer their God-given talents to the greater glory of God.”

Antonio has more than eight years of film production experience, including a documentary called “Bread of Life.” He wrote the initial screenplay for “Five Blocks Away” and plans to direct and produce a five-week production schedule this fall.

Donations are needed to get the project moving. The goal is to raise $550,000 by July 31.

St. Catherine of Siena Parish is encouraging everyone to help spread the word and to prayerfully consider donating online from $10 and up.

Donors will receive a variety of perks depending on donation levels, which include the opportunity to attend a private screening of the film in Atlanta with the filmmakers or get screen credit.