Georgia Bulletin

The Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Students Speak Out For Pro-Life Concerns

Published December 8, 2011

As I was raising my sign, I was reading the prayers (printed on the back). … Eventually every word got into my heart. Made me think a lot about how many women go through a situation when abortion is the option they want to take. I was also watching my team members and noticed that they were really putting an effort so that people would read or feel the message in their heart. I’m sure pretty much everyone’s eye was caught by these strong messages.”

Diana Armenta, junior, East Hall High School

“I woke up early to attend the pro-life program, as well as the rest of the EDGE team. With the information we were provided by our leader and organizer Andy McRoberts, all our youth members volunteered to participate in the pro-life chain. … (It) was an astonishing day. Our youth group gathered together to pick up signs with important messages such as “Say No To Abortion.”

My feeling when walking out into the street was excitement. … I knew I was doing something of my own will and no one was obligating me. When I was holding up my sign, I prayed all the time with the prayers listed behind the board. It also felt good to know that many of the drivers and passengers waved and then put their thumbs up, showing that they were concerned about the abortion situation. Honestly I felt really proud of everyone who supported us in the two events. I’m very proud I represented God’s message!”

Karina Torrescano, freshman, East Hall High School