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Peachtree City

Holy Trinity Parishioners Shower Hapeville Center

Published February 12, 2009

To celebrate this special month, a baby shower was held in the parish hall on Jan. 24-25 to benefit the Advice & Aid Pregnancy Problem Center in Hapeville, a Christ-resource that assists women in unplanned pregnancies.

More than 50 families helped the parish host the shower. People baked cupcakes. Pastel decorations, helium balloons and gaily-wrapped gifts transformed the hall into a festive and joyous space for the occasion.

Three playpens couldn’t contain all the tiny outfits, diapers and receiving blankets bestowed on the infants. One parishioner donated more than 40 hand-crocheted sweater sets.

Holy Trinity parishioners stand up for life and plan to continue their prayer campaign and their support for the Pregnancy Problem Center.

The Advice & Aid Pregnancy Problem Center is located at 411 King Arnold Street, Hapeville.

For more information call (404) 763-4357. The 24-hour hotline for emergencies or questions concerning abortion can be found at (770) 846-0786.