Georgia Bulletin

The Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

ANNOUNCEMENT: Seeking Family Photos With Archbishop

Published November 13, 2008

In preparation for Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory’s upcoming 25th anniversary as a bishop, The Georgia Bulletin is planning a slideshow of photographs sent in by readers. To create the show, we are requesting those special photos of family members posing with Archbishop Gregory at various events around the archdiocese over the past five years.

In his Sept. 1, 2005, column “What I Have Seen And Heard,” Archbishop Gregory acknowledged the importance of pictures and his presence in them.

“When I take a photograph with a family at a ceremony, for a moment I belong to them exclusively. I am a member of their family for a few seconds that may eventually last for as long as the picture endures. I remain with them on a refrigerator picture frame or in an album or among photographs in a box of family pictures for the ages.”

He added, “And whenever they look at the picture, I hope they remember the joy of the ceremony, the importance of the Sacrament, the happiness of the moment as a sign of God’s enduring presence in all of our lives.”

Please send your digital photos of you and Archbishop Gregory to The Georgia Bulletin by e-mail to Indicate the names of the people in the photo, the event, the date, and the name of the photographer. Photos will not be returned and may be used in the print edition of the newspaper, as well as online.