Georgia Bulletin

The Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Statement Of Georgia Bishops Regarding HR 536

Published January 17, 2008

While we agree with the objective of HR 536 to defend human life at all stages and share the conviction that human life begins at the moment of conception, we have come to the conclusion that the approach taken by HR 536 to amend the state constitution does not provide a realistic opportunity for ending or reducing abortion in Georgia. With admiration and respect for those who have crafted this legislation, we do not support the passage of HR 536. We understand that similar state constitutional approaches have been considered in other states and we share our concerns with the bishops and Catholic people of those states.

We continue to support a human life amendment to the federal constitution to support legally feasible means for bringing about an end to legalized abortion and to oppose legislation seeking to expand abortion rights and abortion funding. We will not retreat from the fight to gain recognition of each child in the womb as a unique individual created by God. May God bless our efforts and answer our prayers to end the destruction of human life.

Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory, Archdiocese of Atlanta

Bishop J. Kevin Boland, Diocese of Savannah