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Hispanic Charismatic Catholics Celebrate Renewal

Published November 8, 2007

Some 1,500 worshippers gathered to celebrate the growth of charismatic Catholic renewal in the Hispanic community for a two-day celebration in August. The event commemorated the 40th anniversary of the charismatic renewal movement in the church.

Iris Tomassini, a leader in the organization, said the months of planning for the celebration were worth it to see people’s joy at hearing the word of God pouring out of the mouth of evangelists.

Volunteers worked long hours to pull off the celebration. And the workers were spiritually recharged with a retreat right before the event.

People were showered with blessings in this celebration, Tomassini said.

Charismatic Catholic Masses are high-energy celebrations, different from traditional Mases. At the center of the movement is what is called the “grace of Pentecost,” known as baptism in the Holy Spirit, according to the Web site of the National Service Committee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

The Gwinnett Center, outside Atlanta, was the hub for this festive event that attracted Catholics from across the state, as well as from Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and North Carolina.

The faithful heard uplifting and strong messages from well-known members of the charismatic community. Traveling from near and far, priests came to worship with the community. Father Thomas Forrest, from Washington, D.C., along with Father Teofilo Rodriguez, of Panama, participated in the event.

Spirit-filled leaders, like Los Angeles-based Marilynn Kramer and Ester Garzon attend, as did Horacio Trujillo, of Tucson, Ariz. Catholic singer Miguel Ochoa, from California, entertained the crowd with music.