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Village To Build Chapel

Published May 18, 2006

For over 130 years, many have looked to the Village of St. Joseph to help piece together their lives. Now clients of the “orphanage turned counseling center” will have greater access to spiritual direction and healing with the addition of a chapel on the center’s premises.

Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory has given permission for a small chapel to be placed at the Village of St. Joseph Counseling Services on North Druid Hills Road in Atlanta. The counseling center, currently operated by Catholic Social Services, Inc., provides individual and family counseling services to the greater Archdiocese of Atlanta community.

“We hope that clients will make use of the chapel to draw strength from God as they face the difficult challenges of life,” said Dr. Ann Howe, the director of the Village of St. Joseph. “Therapists will also be able to take time for personal reflection in the chapel, and they may, as seems clinically useful, invite clients to pray with them in the chapel.”

Father Paul Burke, chaplain for Catholic Charities, and Joseph Krygiel, secretary for Catholic Charities, jointly requested the placement of a chapel and a tabernacle including the Blessed Sacrament on the premises of the counseling center. Once furnished, the chapel will include kneelers, a small altar, chairs and reading materials for personal reflection. The chapel will be located in a space immediately adjacent to the main waiting room area. It will allow clients an opportunity to reflect and pray in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and will also add a spiritual dimension during their counseling visits.

Howe noted that over the past two years the counseling service has noticed an increased desire among clients for therapy that is consistent with Catholic teachings, especially with regard to marriage and family life. In addition, “there have been greater requests for therapists who feel comfortable discussing spiritual matters as part of their therapy,” she observed.

The new chapel, which will cost approximately $10,000, will be paid for by donated funds. Those wishing to donate funds for the chapel should send them to: The Village of St. Joseph Counseling Services, 1961 N. Druid Hills Rd., Atlanta, GA 30329.

Donations may also be made in memory of a loved one, either living or deceased. All benefactors of the Village of St. Joseph will be remembered in a monthly Mass to be held at the chapel by Father Burke.


For additional information please contact Dr. Ann Howe at (678) 904-8715 or by e-mail at