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Archbishop Honored At Morehouse Ceremony

Published April 13, 2006

The Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. College of Ministers and Laity recently honored Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory by inducting him into the Martin Luther King Jr. Board of Preachers.

Archbishop Gregory was one of 41 inductees into the Board of Preachers, Sponsors and Collegium Scholars at the Crown Forum and Interfaith Assembly, held April 6 at the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel.

Held during Morehouse’s annual “Science and Spiritual Awareness” week, the assembly also included an unveiling of an oil portrait of the late Coretta Scott King, who posthumously received the Gandhi, King, Ikeda Community Builder’s Prize.

Dr. Charles Stevenson Brown, interim chair of the Department of Physics at Morehouse, read the charge to the inductees, telling them they were chosen as “ethically and spiritually oriented role models and moral examples.”

“I am pleased to induct you … and do hereby charge and challenge you to be affirmative, coherently critical examples for this generation of students, always remembering that our vision is the creation of a global society in which the full development of each individual’s potential is the central goal,” he said. “I charge you to be guarantors of continuity, celebrators of change, negotiators of structure, and facilitators of meaning with the hope that we can right age-old wrongs that continue to haunt the American people and the world.”