Georgia Bulletin

The Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Conference Theme Song Is ‘Winds of Change’

Published October 20, 2005


Winds of change, aliento de Dios
Cambia nuestro corazon
Fan the flame, el fuego de tu amor
Breathe in us, the winds of change.

(In English)

Winds of change, [O] Breath of God,
Change us transform our hearts of stone.
Fan the flame with the fire of your love;
Breathe in us the winds of change.


Through the storm, through the night,
In the darkness, be our light
Spirit change, Spirit flow
Be our strength, bring us home!
Breathe in us your very word
In our living you are heard
Spirit come, break the silence
Bring your peace into our violence.


Winds of change come rearrange us, inspire, desire,
Come Spirit, change us to praise God, honor, adore.
We bless God best when we’re blessin’ the poor.
Stand strong in faith, standin’ for truth.
In the face of the storm, what can we do?
Call on the one who calls us by name
To carry the message on the winds of change!
Come Holy Ghost! Creator blest
And in our hearts take up thy rest!